Can view wireless networks, but can't connect

Hello, I'm working off a three-year old HP notebook, dv-2000 series, running Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit.

This morning, I suddenly lost wireless connectivity. I can still see wireless networks available - unsecured and secured, five-bar signals - but trying to connect to them fails. This is not a matter of connecting to the network but not having internet access, but rather being completely unable to establish any connection.

Troubleshooter says Windows is unable to determine anything. It says check the access point, but I cannot connect to any network - home, starbucks, etc.
I have reinstalled both network drivers (ethernet and wireless adapter).
I have plugged into a wired connection and updated Windows to the most recent set of updates.
I've obviously reset the machine, toggled the wireless, etc.
I've reset the TCP/IP stack.
I've checked that the WLAN service is running, as well as the DNS and DHCP client services.
ipconfig says the wireless adapter has DHCP and Autoconfiguration enabled.
Device manager says everything is working fine.

I am completely out of ideas. Help?
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  1. did you check if you have an IP?
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