How to get the total clock speed of pentium d 930??

Hi guys i need to know the total clock speed of my cpu
It says pentium d 930 3GHZ
it is made by
1.5+1.5=3GHZ or 3+3=6GHZ???
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  1. Neither. It's made of 2 identical cores, each runs at 3.0 Ghz.
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    I generally explain to people it's like a highway. Each core is like a highway lane with a speed limit. For example, let's say the speed limit on a highway is 80MPH, let's also say that there is 4 highway lanes.

    Instead of the 4 highway lanes merging becoming one big 'super' highway with a speed limit of 320MPH, all 4 highway lanes are running at 80MPH.
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  4. Hey mocchan, is this method has used in all of the intel processors????
    I meant all type of
    eg - C2D
  5. Yes, I typically explain it to people like that with ANY CPU :)

    It's a little complicated with Intel's Core i3 and i7 chips due to their Hyperthreading, however it's still a similar concept.
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