Computer freezes while gaming online or streaming video.

Hello, since about six months my computer is freezing randomly when I'm streaming videos or playing online games. It seems to only be happening under video/download task (it also happend if i'm downloading a large file while listening to music or playing a game).

When it freezes, it makes a strange buzzing sound , sometimes like extreme slow motion. So under these freezes my keyboard/mouse are locked too and it last for about 30 sec before the computer get back to normal state.

Since I first encounter this, i've changed my PSU and my graphic card, so they are not the problem... I've also ran memtest, prime95. checked the temperature and everything seems fine... :sweat:
So if someone know how to solve this, I would be the happiest man ever.

My build:

Case: Antec DF-10
PSU: Corsair HX750
Ram: Patiot Sector 5 1600mhz 2x4gb
GPU: HIS 7970 iceq x2
CPU: i5-2500k
Motherboard: Asus P8P67 B3.0 revison
Wireless PCI adapter: D-Link DWA-552
HDD: 1 Tb (don't remember the brand)
SSD: Crucial m4 128gb (boot drive).
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  1. most likely a software problem .

    Try rolling back the graphics drivers as far as you can and installing the latest version available from AMD
  2. I've already tried that, I even reinstalled windows when I bought my SSD
  3. try removing the dwa-552 , and play game offline.
    I too have a problem with wireless nic cards, in my case as soon as i play youtube or game my network disconnects this is the case when i m connected to my graphic card, if connected to motherboard i can stream youtube and play games but with less speed. I have tried USB adapter too but no use.
    So this is just a suggestion.
  4. Well it may be working but it doesn't solve the problem as I would be unable to play online and watch video without internet.
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