Which powersupply is best for my desktop

PC configures:
Intel celeron d 2.26
2GB ram
Nvidia gerofce FX 5600
1 SataII 320GB HDD
2 Pata 80 80 GB HDD
1 Norman Asus dvd rom
Just inform me how muck watts of PSU i need.
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  1. 400W
  2. 400w should do it. but dont get a crappy 400w. anything from antec, seasonic, xfx, pc power and cooling should be good. corsair cx series are not recommended by me
  3. Antec Earthwatts 380 would be a brilliant unit for you.
  4. Antec VP450
    FSP built, 30 amps 12V power, $40 2yr warranty
  5. Antec VP-450 or 380W Earthwatts.
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