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Connect to 2 internet connections simultaneously

Last response: in Networking
July 3, 2011 3:06:11 PM

Hey guys,

I'd like to use 2 internet connections at the same time. I posted this in another thread but it was the wrong one so now I hope I'm in the right thread.

I'm using Windows XP Home and Win 7 Starter.

Let me clarify, what I intend to do.

Assuming there are two internet networks.Network A and Network B (both are either wireless OR one is wireless and one is wired OR both are wireless).

So, now I want to use BOTH internet connections simultaneously. However, both connections will still be separate and not combined:

If I had to transfer big files, then I could do this on network A.
Now, I want to use network B for other "normal" internet use so that the transfer of files in network A gets the maximum speed since there is no interference with anything else.

Now the tricky part:
I have to let the computer know somehow that there are two connections used simultaneously. I also have to setup what programs use what connection. E.g., IE uses network a and Firefox uses network b, program "x" also uses network b, etc.

I would use two network card/USB Wifi Adapers so that each network card/wifi adapter can connect to one network.

The question is, how do you realize that without setting a Virtual Machine up?

Do you guys now, what I mean?

Thank you very much!

July 3, 2011 3:11:18 PM