Shipping 680 from USA to AUS

Hey guys.

I was lucky enough today to get my hands on a gigabyte 680 from tiger direct for a REASONABLE price! Instead of the $700+ in aus (makes me sick to type that)

I have a family member in NY, the card will be sent to her then forwarded to me here in Sydney.

My question is!!! Does anyone have any advice or tips, things to do/ not do when getting a Video card card sent internationally. Does USPS cut it? is it fragile,? do Xray scanners stuff up the components? stuff like that...

Would love to talk to or get advice from anyone who has done this before thanks guys!
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  1. MAKE SURE SHE SENDS IT EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL! It includes insurance 3-5 day delivery and tracking + signature.

    If you go 1st class international you run the risk of never seeing it again. There is no way to check where your package without Express service, it is the most expensive but it's worth it for high valued items. Express is pretty expensive but if anything happens to it you are covered by insurance, just make sure they upgrade to the retail value because it only comes with $100 by default.

    Trust me I ship a lot of street wear internationally and once the product hits over $200 I make all buyers pay for international express mail - it protects both of us.
  2. Thanks mate do you mean the international postal service USPS offers or another one do you have a url?
  3. Yep, USPS Express International Service.

    Just have her go into a USPS office and ask that you want this shipped Express. Its once again pretty expensive but its still about 300% cheaper than shipping it with FedEx or UPS.

    Did you get this off Tiger?

    I was thinking about pulling the trigger on the 680's they have in stock but I don't want to see another price drop 2 weeks later -.-
  4. Its rediculous the prices we pay here in Australia.

    Yeah just make sure you get tracking with it when it gets sent over so you can keep an eye on it and have an idea of when it will arrive.
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