Is WiMax ever free?

I just got a new laptop, it has an intell WiMax card built in. I was board, and started to play around with it. It would scan for network just like normal Wifi would do. And it picked up Clear, Comcast, and Sprint. So I wondered what would happen if I connected to one of them. So I did it connected right up to comcast. But when I went to a websight it just sends me to Comcast sight to buy a subscription to there internet. I figured this would happen. So I tried Sprint to see what kind of plans they offered. Connected up, and to my surprise I got full internet access. Went to and got a different IP then my home ISP, did a speed test, got under 1 mbps download not to great but certainly web brows-able. Figure this had to be a mistake so I disconnected and then reconnected. Still full internet, I disconnected just in case I was stealing internet or something.
So what is going on, is it like a free trial or something? I can't find any information online about this. I hope I didn't blow a free day of internet when I didn't need to :(
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