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I recently bought a toshiba satellite c 850 laptop for work. The thing is that, computers at work do not have windows 7 and some programs dont work. So I downgraded to windowws xp 64 bit..But now I cannot find an ethernet someone help me ???
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  1. Which C850 do you have? There's about 40 models of it and almost all have different ethernet controllers.
  2. I honestly would run Win7 and install XP-Mode so that you can right-click on those applications that don't work and have them run in compatibility mode.

    Just my two bits - XP may be reliable but it has serious limitations
  3. should have check for driver before downgrading, also, you could have bought windows 7 pro or higher to use XP mode.
  4. My laptop is a Toshiba satellite c850 PSKC8C-08C00R.
    Wether it is xp mode or virtual xp our programm keeps crashing..while on xp or vista it works fine
  5. our program also works with vista...could it be easier to find drivers for vista 64?
  6. xp 64bit never got a lot of support from microsoft. They didn't make very many drivers for it. It you need to go xp, I would try to go 32 bit. But yeah, try to go windows 7
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