Why does my wireless internet keep disconnecting

I have a d link router model dir 815 and a d link usb dual band adapter. Just replaced my linksys ones with these. Every day my wirless drops out, maybe 5 times a day and its really annoying us all. I hva eto unplug the router and then plug back in as this is the only thing that makes it go back on line. My Ipad and other wireless devices seem to stay connected all the time but the desk top is the one to go down. I am ready to take the d link stuff back to london drugs and revert to my old linksys unless i can solve this problem. Please help!!
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    If the PC is the only sufferer, the router is off the suspects list. It may be that the PC is stuck to receive only on one channel and the router is set to roam around.

    Try reconfiguring the wireless adapter in the PC but start off by unticking the box to "Allow the computer to turn this device off to save energy" in Device Manager>Network Adapters>Wireless Adapter>Properties>Power Management tab.

  2. Thanks for info, have unchecked the box so fingers crossed it will stay on line now, will let you know! Thanks again
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