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Hi all,

I've got a Samsung 245t monitor which is a 24" LCD model that I bought about 4 years ago. Its native resolution is supposed to be 1920x1200 (16:10 aspect ratio) and I've used it successfully in the past with this resolution.

I recently tore apart my system and rebuilt it, and since I did that, the monitor has not offered 1920x1200 as a resolution as a choice within Windows (7 professional) after I attach it to the system.

I'm trying to use HDMI cable, and I've tried to attach it to a 660GTX graphics card, the motherboard's onboard video, and even my laptop as a secondary display. In each case, I am offered 1900x1080 as the "highest" resolution.

In the past, I was using DVI cable for my connector, but had some issues with the cable itself so I thought I'd switch to HDMI, as I have a couple extra HDMI cables laying around the house.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this behavior?

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  1. I will take a guess at it, try download the driver from the link below, verify this is your monitor.
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    Do you have a dvi or vga cable to test with its very possible the HDMI cables you have only support a max res of 1080p(1920x1080).
  3. Yeah I've got that driver installed already socialfox, thanks. I am going to try tracking down another DVI cable, as you suggested bignastyid. That's about the only thing I can think of myself.
  4. i scavenged around and found the packaging for the HDMI cable I'd been using and it said "max resolution 1080p" just as you suggested. i swapped in a new DVI-D cable and all is right with the world! thanks nasty!
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  6. Glad i could help.
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