Please Help, which setup will be better

I would like to ask our experienced members which setup will fare better in Gaming at 1920x1200 (Medium to High in most games, FXAA only if possible but I can easily live without it)

Radeon 7770

Intel G630
Radeon 7850

All other components will be the same:
Intel H61M
Corsair 550W
OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD
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  1. The i3 setup is alot better. The G630 is a pentium at 2.7GHz where as the core i3 2120 is at 3.3GHz. Also the core i series have a much better, faster architechture than the pentiums. Pentiums are no good for gaming.

    But short answer is, get the i3.
  2. I see so even in this case that the Pentium with a better Video Card (Radeon 7850), the i3-2120 with a 7770 will still be better for games?
  3. the pentium and the 7850 will be much better at that resolution .

    The 7770 with any processor will mean turning game detail down to lower settings.
    The 7850 will allow decent frame rates but much better image details

    Remember the processor in a pentium is identical to the i3 . Less cache and less clock speed but still quite capable
  4. @Outlander_04 --- I share the exact sentiment. The only thing that is really hard is the fact that you cannot just go out and test this as unlike TV's wherein you can see and inspect before you buy, the result of a build is more theoretical.

    I am actually basing this article from Toms:

    Here the G630 and 7970, have an average of 54 fps,3120-4.html

    So I should expect like 70-80% of the frame rates if it will be a 7850? (Really hard to estimate as there are very few reviews for Graphic Cards that test on lower end hardware)
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