Recommend a heatsink and fan/H2O AIO for my HTPC

Hey all,

I'm in the beginning stages of building my first HTPC. I plan on using the nMediaPC 5000B case with a microATX motherboard and an AMD A10-5800k APU. The problem I'm having is finding a great cooler that is both quiet and able to cool effectively when I put a load on it. It also needs to fit into the case which is a little over 5 inches tall. Would a water cooling AIO unit be best here or are there standard heatsink and fan combos that are effective for this build/case?

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  1. One of the Zalman "flower" type heatsinks, such as the CNPS8900 Quiet, should fit the bill. Another very popular cooler in the HTPC crowd is the Scythe Big Shuriken. Be sure your motherboard layout allows these types of heatsinks though (no tall RAM, socket spaced away from PCIe, etc.).
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