Which of these PSU is better?

Which of these PSU's is a better choice and are they good PSU's?

Antec VP-450

Raidmax RX-530SS

Do you guys have any better options for a PSU? I want to stay under 50 USD, modular is nice but not necessary.
This will be powering a budget build.
CPU- i5-3450
GPU- Radeon 7770
HDD- 500gb 7200 RPM
Mobo- Asrock Z77 Extreme4
RAM- 8GB Ripjaw
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  1. Given only a choice of the two PSU's, I would put the Antec in my machine.
    If my only restriction was to stay below $50, I'd get the CORSAIR Builder Series CX430
    Which will work as well as either of the two you've listed (IMO)
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    One last thing if you buy that raidmax kiss your rig goodbye my friend bought that PSU he had a 6870 though killed his motherboard
  3. ^+1

    The antec is quite a lot better. I would not take the raidmax. The rosewill which bigcyco1 is quite a nice deal, and currently it is one of the best deals as for psu's under $50. It would have no problem powering your rig.
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