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Hello guys. Im having a medium powered pc and playing games like crysis 2, mass effect 3, skyrim and many more.... i can play all the games ranging from low to high(in some games) graphic quality..... i have plans to upgrade my pc, but all seems too costly. After some researches, i come to an understanding that i have to upgrade my motherboard, cpu, ram, hard drive, graphic card together to get a god-like gaming rig.... as for now on a low budget, can anybody suggest me some basic upgrades to improve my current gaming experience?
my specs - intel i5 750||Windows 7 x64 || 2 x 2gb Kingston DDR3 1333 RAM|| ASUS P7H55 || Cooler Master GX - 750W || WD 650 GB 5400 || Logitech MK320 || Samsung 20" 60Hz || Altec Lansing VS4121
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  1. what's your current graphics card? if you don't have any, get one. that should last you for another 2 years or so. i'd recommend an HD7850 at most
  2. hey sorry. forgot to mention.... im using nvidia engt240 1GB..... *i cant upgrade to much higher graphics since motherboard cant support....
  3. Can you give us a budget to work with? Low budget being 5-600 I'm assuming.
  4. hye sorry for the late reply. my budget is around 300$ to 400$... any suggestion.... recently i've asked my regular computer shop and the guy suggested that my p7h55 motherboard supports GTX670 or GTX5xx... what do u think about that? izit worthy? since im only using core i5 and no solid state drive and 1600 x 900 monitor?
  5. any high end graphics card will be an a little of an overkill at that resolution.

    you can get a GTX 570 or 7850 for ~ $250 and use $150 for a 1900X1080 monitor.

    fyi, you have no problems with that motherboard.
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