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3d help? Amd samsung s23a700d

the samsung is 3d capable. Both hdmi 1.4a and dual link dvi.
I have an hd 6850 connected to my monitor via an hdmi cable.

The monitor supports sbs, bottom top, frame sequantil, and 2d to 3d mode.
2d to 3d mode is for viewing of 2d movies and photos in 3d. It works okay with both hdmi and dvi-d.connects. As amatter of fact, its the only 3d mode that works.

Sbs and bottom top 3d modes create ghost images that are useless for anything and seems like they are backward even if I adjust the l/r r/l display times. Frame seqential does nothing
Have used tridef for gaming, but only 2d to 3d works.

What am I doing wrong?.

Monitor is set to 1920x1080... Tried lower res.. No change
Latest drivers.
I read that 2d to 3d mode is done by themonitor itself.
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  1. Amd hd3d only works perfectly via DisplayPort connection, 720p is also supported via hdmi 1.4a

    also s23a700d isn't listed as recommended display for hd3d by amd

    so basically you have incompatible hardware
  2. The proper mode for 3D with an active shutter glass system and gaming, is Direct3D Stereo. And as mentioned above, you can only use HDMI or Displayport for AMD setups (and all that the monitor supports). DL-DVI is for 120hz only, not 3D, in this case.
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    My guess from your description is that you are having some issues with the TriDef software, if you leave your monitor in normal 2d mode and no glasses, you should be able to either see side by side images (ie the left half of the screen will be for the left eye, and the right half for the right eye), or you'll have frame sequential mode where you'll see ghosting (when you have no glasses).

    You can use HDMI for 24fps per eye @ 1080p or 60fps per eye @ 720p if you are doing frame sequential. If you have side by side, you can get 48fps @ 1080p. Display port is ideal if your monitor has it, I don't know if DL-DVI will allow frame sequential, as my monitor doesn't have it.

    I'm going to assume you go tridef with your monitor, and it's identified as samsung 3d game launcher or something like that. Go to the tridef website, download the full version, and install it over the top of your samsung OEM version. (I saw this recommended by a tridef guy on their forums, so I'm pretty sure it's all legal, but it is a bit shadey license wise, so be warned). Once you do that, you will be able to configure your monitor in one of the configuration drop downs; I selected a generic monitor for which I was able to choose frame sequential as an option.

    Be sure to add your games to tridef (you can simply drag game icons into the launcher and it will prompt you to find the game in a list). Steam games launched through tridef can be a bit funny, because tridef will re-launch steam in such a way that any game you run through steam will run with whatever 3d profile you last used (so turning off 3d requires exiting and relaunching steam). If tridef is properly working in game, you will be able to hit num-pad 5, and it will bring up a menu, if you get no menu, try some other numpad keys, if they don't do anything, tridef isn't launching your game.

    You are correct that 2d->3d mode is done by the monitor, just ignore this mode, it's not what you are wanting to see.
  4. @bystander, do you have a reference for DL-DVI not being usable for amd hd3d? (Not trying to call you out, I've just never heard that before, most of my research pointed to DL-DVI as one of the formats that had the bandwidth to do full 60/eye 3d, so I'm curious)

    @random As a note, it's worth getting frame sequential mode working simply for ease of use, as you can leave your monitor in frame sequential mode while displaying 2d content, and it looks fine. I have a S23A750D, and used to have an HD4870 that drove it in SBS mode; it's a terrible pain in the a$$ switching the monitor all the time; you also get full horizontal resolution instead of half, and I don't think theres much performance hit (it may even be better, but not sure).
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  6. Thanks much, DJ scribbles, Your solution worked.
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