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hi i am soon going to be building a new pc and i need to know if this is a good choice for playing all current games maxed and editing games or of there are better options here are the specs ive picked out at the moment

amd phenom 2 x4 965
xfx radeon hd 6950 2gb
kingston hyperx genesis 8gb 1600mhz ddr38gb 1600mhz ddr38gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram
asus m4a79xtd evo motherboard
zalman z11 case and i have the rest

and by the way is there any other motherboard that has 4 ddr3 channels with a unlocked multiplier cause i want to over clock but this one does not
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  1. Generally you want to go for intel for overclocking.

    Read this for overclocking that CPU.

    Personally i would get an i5 or i7 setup. But if you prefer AMD over intel then go for the one you have choosen
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