I just got an xbox and a computer monitor (school wont allow TVs in our room) i tried pluging my xbox up onto it and its saying it doesnt have the right refresh rate, it says when i plug it in "out of range 65.2kHz/60Hz. What do i do i have the LG Flatron W2043S please ehlp
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  1. Are you hooking it up by HDMI? Try VGA cable.
  2. i think he has tried vga

    could this be an issue of pal / ntsc?
  3. pal/ntsc is VGA cable format. You should really hook it up via HDMI.
  4. I too would recommend using an HDMI cable - best digital signal. You'll need to find an audio solution though - there are a number of speaker bars that are fairly portable and do HDMI pass-through support, or you could rock a turtle beach headset for audio.
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