AMD 6870

Im almost finished building my pc and Im about to buy the graphics card.

I want to buy a 6870 but could u guys help me choosing which one?


or maybe a different and cheaper one? Price is definitely a main factor, so the first one would be best if it has a good quality.
Wat do u guys think?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Both cards should performance the same -- get the brand you trust most.

    I would get a card with double cooling like
  2. Thats the thing. Novatech is a great PC website and all, but not sure if their GPUs are any good..

    Oh ye that dual fan card looks good. Is that a good site to buy it from?
  3. Its a reference card so most are very similar go with the brand that it most trusted so that would be saphire, msi, asus and maybe powercolor. Saphire is def a reliable brand. However, I dont know what the situation is where you are but the HIS is is cheapest for me. I had a pair of his 6850's which were good but loud. This link tested the 6870 his and gave great reviews but of the choices you selected I would go with saphire.
  4. I would tend to agree with jemm, brand name does say a lot, but does it justify the $10 more? From my limited knowledge of tech the novatech card is simply the reference card while the sapphire one is customized hence the $10 mark up.

    Please correct me if i'm wrong.

    okay i took too long to reply so i didn't see the others
  5. I see. Is the dual fan really necessary though? If this card doesn't overheat then Ill just go for the sapphire
  6. any replies on that last question?
  7. Too bad you live in the UK and shipping rates are high to get something over there. But check out the classifieds, maybe you'll get lucky over there.
  8. Quote:

    so i take it i should get a dual fan then?
  9. get the one that recon-uk suggest you
  10. alright thanks guys. All done
  11. +1 to Recon's suggestion.
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