CX600w PSU doesent fit in Antec Three Hundered

It just doesen't fit. Shall i return it or does anyone have a solution?

Case: Antec Three Hundered

PSU: Builder Series™ CX600 V2

need a reply ASAP im building right now SOMEONE REPLY PLEASE
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  1. ffs people reply
  2. It fits you are doing something wrong
  3. Well guess what?
    That really didn't help so thanks for wasting my time
  4. Actually if you were less of an arrogant child my comment would reveal that

    A - You cannot manage a simple task of lining up the PSU so you need to gain help from somebody less hand eye co-ordination challenged than yourself

    B - The case is damaged in some way

    C - You need to learn how to describe a problem rather than demanding help with a vague issue and a large over inflated and unearned sense of personal worth.

    Also do you realise how utterly stupid your question is. The answer to your question is "you are doing it wrong" where you to be able to galvinise a brain cell enough to actually describe your problem maybe people could help you further..... ie WHY wont it fit whats actually going wrong?
  5. How is 'B' my fault?

    and with 'A' - Obviously i can manage it, i have just built a PC.

    ONE component does not fit.

    Why do you have to be so pretentious ****?

    I was asking for a solution, and you gave me SUCH a helpful answer.

    Sorry for my lack of description i was so worried that i would have to send it back.
  6. You asked a half assed question then bumped your thread rudely demanding an answer (you want a fast answer go pay somebody though take that attitude they will walk away) when given the only answer that suits the information you gave you try to be a smart ass again...... Pretention it would seem is not simply my preserve.... pot kettle black?

    Now you want help try actually describing why it wont fit (pictures if you can speak 1000 words)..... until you describe the problem better my answer is correct... you are doing it wrong the parts should fit.
  7. Maybe because "it doesn't fit" give us absolutely no clue on what is wrong. There could be a number of factors in place that includes human error and manufacturing error but we wouldn't know it because we can neither see it or have a description of it.

    If you want help then give clear and concise details.

    --- CX600 and all ATX psus fit in an antec 300. Make sure its aligned correctly the metal fins that hold the psu in place is not in the way.
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