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I currently have a Corsair AX 750W PSU and I'm planning on installing some new parts to my build. PC Part Picker's estimated wattage for the build with the upgrades is pushing 600W, and I'm wondering if the PSU would be strained too much at this wattage. (also, I'm not sure how accurate the wattage estimate is). Basically, I'd like to know: should I look into getting a higher wattage PSU (1000W or so just for extra headroom) just to be safe, or am I okay? Thanks in advance for any help (:

My build right now:

i7 3930k, not overclocked yet but shooting for a mild OC of 4.0-4.2GHz or so (at least I think that's mild for that proc)
ASUS Sabertooth x79
8x8GB Corsair RAM @ 1600MHz
120GB Corsair force series GT
2x1TB Hitachi 7k1000.D 7200rpm HDD's
Stock EVGA 680
Optical Drive
***Corsair AX 750W PSU (not in the list in the above link, sorry)

Planned upgrade:

4x3TB WD Red NAS drives (RAID 6 for media storage, I do a lot of video production and store a lot of other movies/audio)
LSI 9260-4i RAID card (for RAID 6 control)
ASUS Xonar Essence STX PCIe 1x sound card
AverMedia Live Gamer HD 1080p PCIe Capture Card

I know it's just a few drives and some PCIe Cards, but is will it push my PSU too much while under heavy load? I would rather be safe than sorry. I would appreciate any feedback :D
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  1. Well you don't need a new power supply that is fine but i understand what you mean and yeah i personally would not like pushing my psu to hard however your psu is top notch it's seasonic built it doesn't get much better quality wise.
  2. it should be fine. you can still overclock and the psu should handle it easily
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    +1 to Troll. Drives don't use much power at all -- you are in no danger. The only way you need to upgrade the PSU is if you were to SLI the graphic card in addition to all of the drives and stuff (because honestly the 750 could handle SLI just fine too).
  4. Okay thanks everyone, I'll be sticking with this power supply then. Also I have no plans to SLI because I'll be out of expansion lanes on my mobo. :P
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  6. Thanks!
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