A10 5800k Trinity or Phenom X4

I am undecided between the AMD A10-5800K Trinity 3.8GHz or the Phenom X4 965 BE.

Questions are:

On the AMD A10, outfitted within the chip the AMD Radeon HD 7660D;

If I later decide to upgrade to a GTX 480 with the same APU and same motherboard, would this be possible?

Any compability issues?

With the Phenom x4 965 BE I was thinking of going directly with the discrete video card (GTX480), however I am weighing my options

at this time.

What are your guy's opinions in terms of performance and costs? Which set up is better in the long term aswell?
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  1. The Phenom II is a faster CPU (by a very slim margin) so using a discrete card it will be the better option.
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