Is Windows Index score Wrong?

I recently built a rig and I noticed Windows index score rates my CPU as a 5.5? My CPU is: Intel i7 - 3930k 3.20GHz
I assume this is wrong but I'm not entirely sure, friend of mine has the exact same processor and he gets a rating of 7.8, is windows index bugged? or could something be wrong with my processor. Here are my specs:

CPU: Intel i7 - 3930k 3.20GHz Six Core
RAM: (3x)4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 12GB Total 1600 mhz
PSU: 950W Powercool PC-950AUBA
Mobo: msi X79A-GD65 (8D)
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  1. Also I've played Arma 2 recently and I'm well over the recommended system specs and I noticed I get some lag (playing offline) when I don't think I should be.
  2. WEI is not very accurate. No matter how fast your processor is, if your HDD is rated at 5.5 your WEI score will be 5.5

    There are other more reliable benchmarks out there.
  3. Re-run the assessment, the point ss202sl makes is true. I have an old build with an HD 3000 (ati, integrated) that scores a 4.4 and a HD 4200 (ati, integrated as well) that scores a 3.8. The HD 4200 really is the better integrated video card but it gets a lower score for some reason. I noticed my HD 3000 scores fluctuate, every time I re-run the assessment (not subsequently but separated by a day or two) I get scores ranging from 4-4.4 for it.

    Point being made is WEI is not the best tool to measure the performance of your computer. I would also recommend you upgrade your drivers and re-run the test after that.
  4. Check your temps, you may be overheating and throttling. Wei is good for making sure everything is in working order. Your low score proves something is wrong. But the scores are not good for performance comparison. They do fluctuate but should still be rather close.
  5. ^ +1 yes that could be a culprit if you have installed the cooler incorrectly causing the CPU to overheat even when at idle or with little load. May want to use HWmonitor to find your temperature while doing the test.

    Post up a picture/screenshot of your temperature while running it.
  6. Weird. What's the score for memory? Are there applications running in background?
  7. The Wei is quite inaccurate. I wouldn't even bother with it. For some reason it bases the computer on its gaming graphics performance, I would like to see a dialog box asking whether the pc is used for office use or gaming ect then rate it accordingly
  8. Accurate or not, 5.5 subscore for processor (if that's the result), is a sign that something's wrong with the setup.
  9. Yep definitely something wrong, I will say once again update drivers and run the assessment once again with nothing running in the back and re-installing the cooler correctly, maybe too much thermal paste? Either way my Phenom II X4 955 BE scores a 7.3 and you should definitely be getting that 7.8 since your CPU is quite powerful.
  10. Thanks everyone, problem solved the CPU cooling was poor, bought a new heat sink everything seems to be working fine index score changed and games run smoothly, Thanks a lot for the help
  11. Glad we were able to help Rusty, try not to get your CPU cooler rusty since that will affect performance as well :P (just joking)
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