Adding cards not possible because slots in case too small?!?!,r:24,s:0,i:147&tx=12&ty=56

Image of my case ^ :).

So hey guys, I bought a new pc and wanted to add my graphics card, but it doesn't fit the slot! It's just too big. So I started bending the steel like crazy and it somewhat fits, but I have 4 more cards to add and I'm scared I might break one horribly.

Also I want to buy a new graphics card (6870) but how in the world do I know if that would fit?!?!

My case is a sharkoon T9 value, the motherboard is Gigabyte Z77X-D3H with a core i7 39-something processor.

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  1. Get a case that fits your setup.
  2. Easiest way would be to measure the length from the pcie bracket to the HDD cage and find a card about half an inch less than that.

    and can you upload a pic of what you needed to bend to get it to fit?
  3. I have to work now, I'll upload it in a few hours! Thanks for your reply :)!
  4. To be honest, instead of ruining the case, and then creating bad airflow,I would just buy a new case. Plenty of amazing deals at newegg right now. I just picked up a nice NZXT M59 for $30 off.
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