[Solved] PC Shutdown by itself and now will not boot...

Can't boot win7. System Repair disk is no help. I suspect,as did Startup repair, that I loaded some bad software, but there is no way to uninstall it that I am aware of.

When I reboot, I get a single blinking cursor top center, and no more. If you could tell me how to delete the suspect program, via the system repair disk, it might solve the problem.

I tried using the command line and entered. Control appwiz.cpl

To try to open the add or delete program part of the Control Panel and it was not recognized.
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  1. Are you still seeking help? Not sure how you got this thread to be solved without a single answer. Anyways try running in safe mode, here is a guide to start it in that.

  2. It will not start in SafeMode
  3. Well then if you cannot access the control panel, use the repair disk, and start safe mode then I myself would wipe my drive clean. I would not recommend that if you have very important documents or just don't have a windows copy.
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