Replace 0.21A fan with 0.5A fan, OK?


i Have an Lenovo L512 with a broken DC5V 0.21A fan. I want to replace it with an DC5V 0.5A fan. Will this destroy my motherboard?
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  1. No it will not destroy your motherboard. Fact is some dell computers come with a 0.5 amp fan stock, technically the increased amperage means it uses more watts but at the same time it is a faster fan (RPM wise) which leads to better airflow/CFM depending on the design of the fan blades. 0.5 amps is around 6 watts (a guess). A motherboard can channel around 60-70 watts through the PCI-E slot so it can sustain 0.5 amp fans.
  2. it is an notebook, so no pci-e slot. But the difference in amperage should probably even make it cool better?

    i want to change
    DC5V 0.21A

    DC Brushless
    DC5V 0.50A

    I will swap the fans tomorrow or someone must come up with an argument that I should better not do it...
  3. I was just saying the PCI-E slot for the purpose of a comparison. You should have no problem switching out fans, they look identical and so it should mount right in. The new fan is not exactly power hungry, it only uses around 6 watts which is not too much compared to other components of the computer. At the most you will notice the battery to be reduced by a few minutes due to the fan.
  4. thank you very much for the quick answers. A question, just out of curiosity, will a swap for a 2A DC5V fan harm the motherboard? or 5A? etcera. What is the typical range a notebook motherboard can handle?
  5. Typically all laptop fans are built to make sure the motherboard can handle it but at 2 amps that will be a loud fan, I would say 0.5 amps would be enough but then again what are your temperatures? Re-application of thermal paste helps with CPU temperature and cleaning out the dust helps bring down the temperature of the entire laptop.
  6. the old fan became noisy and making rattling sound. I cleaned everything, but the fan keeps making noise. That is why i want to replace it. The cpu temps with the old fan were max 80deg celcius on max load. intel I5-480m. measured with real temp.
    is that ok?
  7. Was it near 80 with the fan making rattling noises? Either way your CPU can take a beating until 105 degrees which is impressive, my desktop can only go to 62 degrees :P . Either way with the new fan (0.5) you will do fine, your temperature are on the normal for laptops, obviously laptops don't have airflow like full tower cases.
  8. the 80deg was when the fan worked normal. But enough temp space left i guess.
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