When should I build my next high end Intel rig? Looking for best deals

I've been trying to hold off until November to buy my next PC. When is the best time to buy the components for a high end Intel rig? New egg is already calling this Black November, or is there any benefit to waiting a few more months? Any new tech coming out?
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  1. Monday after thanksgiving. "cyber Monday"

    I have seen some amazing deals on cyber Monday.

    I will be spending money on a mobo, ram and CPU upgrade then.
  2. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are generally thought of as the best times to get deals on computer components unless you happen to live near a Microcenter and can get some of their deals.

    I wouldnt aspect to see any new processor or motherboard technology any time soon. So this month should be a good time to get your system up and going.
  3. Microcenter offers some amazing deals. The problem is EVERYONE goes to microcenter on black friday.

    If you can, buy online and do the store pickup or have it shipped to you.

    Happy buying!
  4. New CPU tech (Intel's Haswell) is not expected to be released until around mid 2013.

    AMD's Radeon HD 8000 series is expected to be released in late 2012 or early 2013. However, with the recent financial trouble AMD is having, it is unknown if that will cause any delay.

    nVidia will likely not release the GTX 700 series until at least Q2 2013.
  5. Thanks, I'll hold off until black friday and cyber monday.
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