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hello friends,

just curios to why my fsx has such a low fps rate my system is a i5 2500k 3.3ghz ( oveercloking next week with cm 212 evo) my ram is 4gb 133mhz hd 6870 z68 500gb hdd and with rex, utx and a defult 737 im getting 20fps on approach to manchester while looking directly infront but when looking up i get 60-70 is there a fix to this i got sp1 btw.

thank you :hello:
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  1. Driver update?
  2. What res you gaming at? The overclock will help allo that game loves fast CPU. Have you done the multi CPU tweeks to let it use more than 1 core?

    Also a majore note is there is a service pack 2 also.

  3. FSX well put any system on its knees if you max it out. even the sandy bridge E cpu's are not enough
  4. hi,

    i just updated my drivers will update you guys in 10 mins.
  5. Hi,

    Just updated and for some reason it's still showing as the older driver on catalist but it says new driver installed succefylly however on fsx with default scenery and Rex utx and the default muale plane getting around 37 fps does this sound about right
  6. right just installed uk 2000x heathrow getting 24 fps defult 737 is that good bad
  7. That just depends is it playable? Have you installed Service pack 2 yet? The overclock will help you the most though.

  8. hi, its dmeoralising cause i know i can get much more but i just orderd a coolermaster 212 hyper and hoping for a 4.4-4.7 ghx overclock will that benafit from fsx
  9. this what you have?


    They are talking about their settings might be a good read through. I mainly see the issue being airport vehicles and or city traffic. Try turning those down or off.

  10. Hi,

    Will overclocking provide any Benafit to fsx and I know I keep reporting this but what fps should I roughly expect with this setup at all sliders full and 30 percent ai thank you everyone :pt1cable:
  11. Overclocking will help the most you almost have to to get good performance out of FSX and Not sure what you should get it more what you "can" get set it up put all sliders to max watch the slide show and slowly bring the sliders down till it plays like you like it... As far as anything I have read there is no computer that can max this game out with full sliders 100 AI traffic and all I might be wrong but I have seen people playing on stupid awesome rigs and can't play on full... You will just have to tinker this is not a game you can say "I should get xx frames per second" as there are som many tweeks to be done. Overclock for sure first then get to tweeking the config files ect.

  12. Quick update guys uninstalled fsx as well as all addons. Reinstalled with sp1 sp2 installed Rex utx gex uk 2000 heathrow extreme and cls 767, averaging about 25-30 fps on ground and 35-60 fps in air :)
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