Website to compare mobos from different brands side by side

I'm looking for a new main board and there are several main board from same and different manufacturers that have the same chipsets.
Is there any website that compares different brands mbs??
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  1. Motherboards do not get benchmarked as much as video cards and cpu's because thery don't have as much of an effect on performance. They do to a certian extent but for the most part a motherboards features are the thing that people will want to have and those are listed on the web page of the board itself. Such as the number of slots that can support video cards and the number of power phases for overclocking. Generally the more expensive the bord the more features it has.
  2. Thanks for response, inzone

    It seems that I wasn't clear enough.. I meant to compare specs, not performance n' features . it's not easy to find a specific board between 5+ manufacturers, 6+ chipsets, 3+ editions.
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