Will they work together?

Hello, I'm planing a low budget upgrade for my heavily outdated machine.Currently these are my specs:
Sempron 3100+
2 GB DDR 400
8600 GT factory OC
250 GB Sata
Some cheap psu 400w no 6-pin connector

And I would like to upgrade it with this :



And 2 GB DDR3 1333

My question is, will swapping the mobo, cpu and ram work? Is there anything else that I've missed and which would cause compability problems?
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  1. You're fine to upgrade just the motherboard, CPU and RAM.

    However, getting 2GB is an insanely bad idea and will cripple your system's performance. RAM is cheap, don't skimp on it. You can get 8GB for less than $40.
  2. kk gotcha, tnx for the reply :)
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