560 ti too hot?

When i max out my GPU in furmark, it is reaching up too 85 degrees. It is a twin frozr II card, the 2gb version the GTX 560 ti from MSI. I have pretty good airflow in my Antec 900 case, I even have one fan blowing onto it (at low speed, but it's get's noisy otherwise.) I have the fan on my radiator exhausting air from the case. Both of my front fans are functioning and one is at medium speed (the one blowing on the back end of the GPU. My cables are well managed 9the case is slightly modified for cable management) I don't know if this is the kind of temps I should be reaching or if it should be cooler...
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    you should not be worried at all, i had that problem to, where it was reaching into the mid 80's, but reaplied thermal paste and temps are at 67 load, but as soon as it gets into the 90's then you should be worried, these days most cards can withsatnd until the temp goes upto 120+ but try reaplying thermal paste. :hello:
  2. Yea try checking the thermal paste, if your no satisfied with temps. Some times i get a little picky with temps
  3. Is it easy to re-apply thermal paste to a GPU?
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