Display turning off - possible PSU issue?

Hi forums.

Recently (last couple days) my PC has been acting up - the display turns off shortly after powering on the computer.
Windows loads as normal, and I start using it, but somewhere in between 2~20 mins the display just cuts out, and doesn't come back. Sometimes the sound cuts too, sometimes it continues.

I am thinking it may be a power supply problem, as it is a fairly cheap PSU, and a fairly power hungry card (GTX 260).

My set up is as follows:

4GB Ram
Foxconn H61 board
GTX 260 - 896mb version
550W PSU - http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/powersupplies/nov-psu550.html

The only thing that stops me buying a new PSU is that it doesn't overheat, sounds/looks fine, and I played Skyrim on this exact setup for about 4 months, with NO problems whatsoever.

Any thoughts on what could be the problem?!

All help appreaciated. Thanks.
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  1. My gut says it's a PSU as well (especially since the sound cuts out sometimes, keeps working others). Just because it doesn't overheat doesn't mean it's not failing.

    If it's not a huge burden I would try getting a new PSU, even if that PSU isn't the problem, it's more likely than not that someday it will be a problem. (Tom's had a good article a while back about some scary stuff with cheap PSU's)

    This is a great PSU if you would like a recommendation: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151095
    It's a little pricey for the size, you could probably go cheaper, but be cautious how much cheaper you go because there is a pretty strong relationship between cost and quality.
  2. I agree with DkScribbles that it is most likely your PSU. Go for a new one, probably something that is a bit more powerful, like around the 550-600 Watt Range. Maybe ever more juice would be better.
  3. Thanks for your help, I will more than likely upgrade it because as you said it will need upgrading at some point!

    I'm in the UK though so that link is no good for me, presumably any PSU from OCZ, Coolermaster, Seasonic etc are all good?
  4. That seems like a fine choice at a glance. It's got a single 12V rail (which is a good thing) and alot of protections for overvoltage/short-circuite/etc.
  5. Great, thanks for your help guys!
  6. That's a very nice PSU. Quality brands include Antec, Corsair, OCZ, XFX and Seasonic. Don't be fooled with coolermaster! They make crappy power supplies!

    I personally own a CX 600. It has 5 years manufacturer warranty, and has served me well so far. Works very quietly, can't even hear it due to CPU and GPU fans :)
  7. Check your power saving settings to be sure the system is not shutting you down. Simple to do and you may not need a new PSU.
  8. That's a good point, I'll take a look later. Thanks
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