This PSU for gtx 680 SLI

Hi guys. I was thinking on buying a 1000w or 850w PSU for making a gtx 680 sli, but I actually saw that nvidia recommends a 700w psu. At the moment I have a thermaltake 750w tr2 rx which has been marked as an awful psu, although I had a gtx 460 sli before this 680 and I'm not sure if it'll work or not, here are my specs:

Gigabyte 990fxa ud3
Amd phenom ii 955 OC to 3.8 (cooled with cooler master hyper 212 evo)
G skill ripjaws 1600 8 Gb ddr 3 (4 x 2)
Two Hitachi disks 1tb and 500gb sata
GTX 680 MSI (standard)
Thermaltake case v4 with 1 noctua nh d 14 and 3 8mm fans
psu: Thermaltake tr2 rx 750w 80+ bronze

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  1. I guess the way I would look at this (considering you already have doubts about the quality of your PSU) is that you're able to spend $1,000 + on graphics cards so what's spending more on a quality 850 watt PSU like a Corsair for a little extra headroom and peace of mind? That's a lot of $ tied up in your rig. If it were me I would get the Corsair.
  2. You should be fine but your CPU will hold back that 680 SLI.
  3. According to the review of your current PSU;
    Thermaltake TR2 RX 750 W
    is, according to our
    methodology, a flawed
    product that must be
    avoided at all costs. It can’t
    deliver its labeled wattage at
    high temperatures, but this is
    not the worst of it: ripple
    and noise level are way
    above the maximum allowed
    when you pull 80% or more
    from the unit’s labeled
    capacity (i.e., 600 W and
    above), overloading your
    components (especially
    electrolytic capacitors from
    the motherboard and video
    cards), which can cause your PC to present an erratic behavior (crashes
    and random resets) and, under extreme conditions, damage components.

    You need a truly quality branded 750W PSU & +1 for thently.
  4. Yeah I'm now thinking on getting the coolermaster 1000w gold which is 250US but it's been labeled as an awesome product. I know it's a bit of an overkill but having extra room in power affairs comes in handy when you're willing to use mods as cold cathods, lcd panel in the future, blu ray. Etc thanks!

    ^ They also recommend a 750W+ for a 680 sli setup (if NOT doing any overclocking)

    With a quality 1000W you would be able to do 3- or 4-way sli. The Kepler cards are much more power efficient than Fermi, and the 680 is only slightly more power-hungry than a 560ti and much less power-hungry than a 570. If you look at nvidia's SLI-certified PSU list you can see that most 1000W units are certified for 3-way 570s, so if it's good enough for 570's, it's more than good enough for 680s.
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