Intel E7400 CPU Upgrade to SLAT (second Level Address Translation)


I am about to install the Windows 8 phone SDK but it needs a computer with a CPU that has SLAT (second Level Address Translation).

I have just done the test and it seems my old DELL VOSTRO with Intel E7400 CPU just has not got it.

Can I upgrade using the same CPU socket to a later CPU that has SLAT? Does anyone know what CPU to change it to?

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  1. AFAIK, SLAT/EPT was introduced with the i3/5/7 so you will need a new PC. Double-check that whichever CPU you choose supports EPT since it is disabled on some models.
  2. Thanks for that InvalidError. I guess I will have to buy a new DELL Precision.

    Pity because the VOSTRO is still quite quick with Windows 8
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