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Does anyone know about when the next generation of processors should drop?
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  1. I'm going to guess quarter 2 of next year. Although I am sure someone a bit more motivated than us could find a slide with projected release dates.
  2. someone in the graphics forum said they were slated for Q3
    and amd graphics cards are Q1 and nvidia Q2
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Q3 intel doesn't have much competition pushing them to release any sooner. Was Ivy bridge released Q2 or Q3 of this year?
  4. I said it was slated for Q3. Intels plans on haswell are slightly going to be delayed, and desktop processors wont come out probably till q3. the main focus of haswell isn't cpu performance as much, but power efficiency(as well as i think a better igpu). Laptop cpus will probably be pushed out earlier by this logic(what amd did with trinity, especially since haswell defines what a laptop needs, a low power consumpion higher igpu) and will have a bit delay for desktops.

    @above, Q2. it was end of april.
  5. The ppl in this thread are saying that March is the slated release month.
    Although I think dudewithbow may be right about Intel releasing mobile CPUs first.
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