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Is my PSU loud

I have a 680w PSU (thats what it says) but the seller told me it's 450W
any way I keep hearing annoying fan noise although my cpu heatsink is running at 2500rpm
so I am wondering if getting a better PSU lower the noise
and this is it
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    well that's definately a cheap PSU, and could use an upgrade regardless. But also double check which fan is really making the noise.
  2. Here's a tip: sells awful power supplies most of time. A good power supply is going to set you back probably around $50.

    I would open the case and listen to which fan is the loudest in the case.
  3. looks like someone got a EXTREMELY low quality power supply. good thing it didnt fry anything yet

    you need something like this. seasonic made and has a good warranty behind it
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