Hi I am having a problem maybe someone can help me out . I just put a 590 in my pc last night and I notice when I go onto youtube my screen will flicker black for a second then come back on or when i hit the back button to leave the page my screen will go black for a second again.This is killing me right now I hope their is not a problem with the card itself
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  1. Sometimes you have to have certian addons for certian web pages like flash player or quick time and even Java. You have downloaded the latest drivers? (296.10)
    You can try deleting the drivers and then reloading them. Have you tried any games?
  2. Def sounds like a driver issue
  3. sounds like unnatural forces that are telling you to upgrade to the GTX690 :)
  4. Yeah I tried like 5 different games I have had no problem at all with the screen flashing black for a second
  5. It does not flick in and out when I surf the web so far i just notice it on youtube .It does not happen on any games so far .is it possible I need to unistall the graphics card and reinstall it again .also you dont think their is something wrong with the graphics card? how would I know these things
  6. It isnt a driver issue, right click the youtube player and turn acceleration on or off. Whatever it currently isnt. That should fix your issue.
  7. Here is something else I would like to add I dont know if this makes a difference .when i go to device manager in dpsplay adapters it says driver version but when i go to invidia control panel under system information it says Driver version 296.10
  8. Can you explain how do change that setting I dont see it also just a heads up this is the first time I have had this problem
  9. That's the same driver in both places , if you notice in the device manager one the last 5 digits are 296.10.
    If your saying that it's only happening on the you tube web site then it has something to do with that web page and it has to be in the settings somewhere. Do you get an additional bar under the top bar that would generaly tell you to click here to enable something , it's a thin bar of a different color and if you click on it it gives you the option to enable something for viewing that particular web page.
    If it was a driver issue I would think it would be happening elsewhere also and not just on you tube.
  10. Well I just confirmed it happened again when I went to download the latest ver of internet explorer I really wish I was not such a noob when it came to pc im in a bit of a pickle .Seems to be if it has a video going on it happens and also after it happens if you press the back button it will also flash black for a second I am pretty sure this started when I put the new card it but I could be wrong.
  11. Have you tried downloading flash player from Adobe? If you already have it then is it updated?
  12. I know that sometimes when a new piece of hardware or a new driver is installed it can affect something else in the computer and I have had this happen to me many times and you have to reload what ever is affected. You can look at the event viewer to see if it recorded anything unusual.
  13. I just called evga and they walked me threw a few steps but the problem still persists they had me sweet my old amd files idk what to do rigth now they suggest I try the gtx 590 in another pc but I dont know anyone with a pc besides myself
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