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Hey guys, here's an updated list of what I'm thinking of for a new build. I'm not buying this right now, still researching pieces, but wanted to know what people think of it so far. As the topic title suggest I am mainly a gamer. I am looking to get into streaming my games now that I'm playing at a higher level than before and my current comp just isn't cutting it for that (dual core 2.2GHz, 4 gig DDR2 RAM with a 75$ graphic card nonsense). Here's what I'm thinking:

CPU : I7-3930k
MoBo: Asus Sabertooth Z77
SSD (used as a cache using the SRT that the Z77 board supports): Crucial M4 64 GB SSD
HDD : WD Black 1TB
Data HDDs: Dual WD Black 1 TB drives (for now I'm thinking mirrored but might do a straight up raid when it comes down to it)
RAM: Corsair vengeance 16 GB (probably 2x8GB so I can add another 2x8GB at some point in the near future)

That's what I've got so far, the pieces are still up in the air as I mentionned. I am planning on going with an 850W PSU in the event that I want to add a second 7970 when they come down in price a little and the micro-stutter problems are ameliorated. What do you guys think so far?

Oh, I almost forgot. I've been reading A LOT about the I5-3570 and how it's benchmarking really high on gaming and overclocking benches. I am not sure if it's right for me though since I will be FRAPS'ing (recording my screen), putting together montages, streaming as well as gaming on this machine. I've heard good things though, what do you think of the i5-3570?

Also before anyone suggests another MoBo (because this one is quite overpriced for what it is and I know it) I really want one that has hard drive SSD caching enabled, I recently saw this tech in action and the effects were quite frankly spectacular.
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  1. Almost forgot, trying to keep the budget around or lower than the 1700-1800 mark.
  2. if you dont care a bout budget so still i7-3930k is the best of the best
    and i suggest these components
    x79-RAMPAGE IV extreme (creative built in sound card)
    4x4 gb 1600 (it must be four mudles RAM for quad memory channel )
    seagate 2TB 7200 (st2000dm001) this one is a little bit faster than western digital black and dont try RAID because its very annoying
    SSD 128 GB
    radeon 7970
    but if you want some thing on lower budget so 3570k +
    maximus v gene is the best choice(this one comes with creative sound card)
    2x8GB 1600 RAM
    600w-650w seasonic or FSP or other good brand
  3. Streaming games will not require an X79 system. An i5-3570k is the max you will need. Streaming doesn't require hyperthreading nor does it require 6 cores.

    Get this:
    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Gen3
    XFX 550W PSU
    2x4GB Crucial Ballistix sport 1333 MHz
    Corsair Carbide 500R
    GTX 670
    Crucial M4 128GB SSD
    Seagate 2TB 7200rpm (ST2000DM001) HDD (from oxford's post)
  4. Question about the SSDs you guys are suggesting, wouldn't it be better to get a smaller SSD and put the extra money into a motherboard like the one I suggested that allows for SSD caching? What's I've read is that it's within 10% of the Read / Write speed of a normal SSD except you get what's pretty much a 1TB SSD? Or at least that's how I understand SRT and Hard Drive caheing.

    Also while I know that most games (and streaming) doesn't use 6 cores, one of the games I play (BF3) WILL use the 6 cores. Which is pretty much the only reason I even considered going into the whole hex core business. I am assuming that it's pretty much the future of where games are going. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard that Guild Wars 2 is using more than 4 cores if available as well.
  5. SRT(SSD caching) is just 30% faster than normal HDD and its limited for intel SSDs
    and the motherboards i suggested have creative sound card so its highly recommended there is something better than SSD caching ,if you will have 8GB or more RAM you can disable page file and this will give you the same performance of SSD caching
    right click on computer\properties\ advanced\system settings\advanced\settings\advanced\change\no paging file\set\ok
    this is how to disable pagefile and it will save you 8GB capacity if you are going to buy 64GB SSD
  6. I have the asus sabertooth mb i have an intel 520 set as the main boot drive not as the cache drive. when you have the ssd as the cache drive your going to wear it out sooner as your doing more writes to it then as a boot drive. i havea one gig drive as y data drive for the slower games and movies. with the ssd and windows 8 from cold boot to im on the net is 10 sec. (one sec to get into the bios and no windows gui.). web and games load a lot faster from the ssd. also ask on the rog forum and sabertooth user group the heat sinks that will fit over the mb dust covers. you want with the that mb ram with no heat sinks or real low ones.
  7. Good advice above. You don't need something like the 3930K. You don't need the four channel RAM or the six cores. Also the mother boards are more expensive. Go with something like the 3770K with a good aftermarket cooler. You can get it up to over 4GHz which will be plenty for games. Even games like BF3 will be plenty fast and graphics power are still most important.

    If your display is like a 1920X1080 or 1920X1200 then go with a 670. Lower power and noise. If you have multi displays then go with an overclocking 680.

    8G ram is plenty. You will have plenty to do some RAM cash that is really fast. 16G ram would be a waste for you.

    Best results are a 64, or even better, 128G SSD for games and Windows with a large HDD for everything else.
  8. I use two displays one is a 32' and the other a 21'. It depends how one can set up an MMO on a SSD. Assume 10 gigs for OS (it's been a while since I installed one), my MMO folders are like 30-40 gigs each, which means I can put at most 2 on an SSD and still have room for my BF3. That's scraping any idea for other games. That being said I can probably clean out my folder (things like old patchers) and lose some but that's the main thing about the whole SSD caching idea is that i could totally have all my MMOs on it and not have to worry about it. How much does the extra wear and tear reduce the lifespan of the SSD? Also small SSDs are pretty cheap so it might not be the end of the world to be able to put all my games on my near-SSD quality HDD. I do play a lot of different games.
  9. a lot of the 128g ssd are 80-120 dollars now. not much more then the smaller 64g cache drives.
  10. windows 7 need 25 GB but if you disable pagefile you can save your self 8gb ,even if you want to buy an 128GB SSD it can make your PC faster,just try it.
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