Reaching a good $600 base computer

after my 4870 died, i decided to start again from scratch. my first comp had a phenom II using ddr2 and after reading so much about intel i decided for an I-7 this time around. im not very good with tech though i do read about it, and my goal is to reach a $600 base build with everything besides a keyboard, mice, tv, and dvd drive which i already have.

im also planning on using this computer away from the router and using its built in graphics till i save up money for a 670 and a gpu for the old comp. i have no plans for sli/xfire, though i would like to overclock the I-7 base by 3 megahertz to reach 3.5 ghz. i really cheaped out on this stuff, and im hoping the quality will hold up for atleast 4-5 years without major upgrades like my last comp. here is what ive got so far:
some advice on how to get this build better or cheaper would great :sol:
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  1. The link doesnot work...
  2. yeah, the insert url button seems broken. fixed
  3. The mobo and cpu will not work it is a z77 cpu and a z68 mobo... I would get this mobo GA-Z77X-UD5H
  4. Yes, the only way a Z68 MOBO will work on a Z77 CPU is if you have a SB CPU and do a BIOS update.
  5. "The mobo and cpu will not work it is a z77 cpu and a z68 mobo... I would get this mobo GA-Z77X-UD5H"
    ouch, that sucks :S. im trying to keep this below $650 so would this motherboard work?
    also, do i lose anything by going open box with the motherboard?

    im planning on buying a 670 later and trying out the newest i-7 recon, though thanks for the suggestions. also, does anyone know how integrated graphics connect? is there a hdmi port on the motherboard itself or does it come with some sort of bracket?
  6. Quote:
    i7 will do nothing for games...

    He is right. i7's hyperthreading nor its clock speed will do anything to help make games faster. Hyperthreading is only useful on heavily threaded apps, like those used for 3d modeling and such. The clock speed wont help either because the i5-2500k can be OCed to its levels.
  7. "i7 will do nothing for games..."

    yeah, ive read about that, but my current goal is to end up with a 670 in a couple of weeks, and until then i was hoping the integrated hd 4000 would keep me floating. besides, it would be nice to have one of the fastest new cpu for a change, my old phenom was dragging its foot at times.
  8. the i7 is not the fastest. The i5-2500k is a better deal and is just as fast.
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