3820 or 3770k (gaming/streaming)

first of all im asking this cuz those cpu's cost the same on my country ( literally the same )
same goes for the motherboards. ( Asus M/B Intel Rampage IV Formula x79 )
so my question is wich one is better for gaming streaming?
i was thinking about the 3820 just for the possibility of changing it later for an hexacore...
il like to know what u guys think :)
also the video card is an Sapphire 21197-00-40G, the memos a gskill ripjaws 2133 16gb.

well that is hope u guys can help me :D

Bye !!
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  1. Well are you willing to overclock? There is no point in getting the K series of Intel CPUs if you do not overclock it. Anyways I would go for the 3770k and get a real nice cooler on it like the Noctua DH-14 or if you are restricted on budget then the Hyper 212 works as well. You should overclock it and it will perform very nicely. Even if you do not overclock I will still go with the 3770k or maybe just downgrade to the normal 3770 (no k suffix).
  2. Neither. The Intel Core i5 3570k will perform just as well for any gaming/streaming you will do. Live streaming game feed ultimately relies on your internet connection so it's not very CPU-bound.

    However, if you are looking to do some very CPU-intensive work, I would highly recommend the i7 3820 if you are willing to spend a bit more money on the entire platform. This will give you ample upgrade room in the future (seeing as how LGA1155 is now 'dead').
  3. LGA1155 is kinda like dead?
    i m getting one of this coolers corsair h80 or the h100 ( il be looking to oc later )
    about the gaming/streaming i do some video editing.. mostly casual
    as i said before they both cost the same where i live...
  4. There is a new socket coming out next year which will make LGA1155 'obsolete' in a sense. No more new CPU's coming out for LGA1155 from this point (there may be some kind of i7 'refresh' later on, however, I'm sure it'll be a slight clock speed boost much like the i7 2700k's compared to the 2600k's. Exact same chip, just 1 multiplier higher on the 2700k).

    My previous recommendation stays the same; i7-3820 if you're okay with the overall more expensive platform (this is NOT the same as the CPU alone). i7 3770k is top-of-the-line for Z77 while there's plenty of upgrade options if you choose the i7-3820.
  5. yeah but the most important...
    for gaming and streaming will i get the same performance?

    bye !
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    Yes. The i7 3770k will give you slightly better performance but it is NOT something visible. You're talking about 1-2FPS increase in games and maybe 2-5 seconds rendering times.

    Taking all that into consideration, the i7 3820 is a better value due to the sheer upgrade path of the X79 platform.
  7. Thanks alot man :)!
  8. You're very welcome :)
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