No Signal after installing XFX Amd Radeon HD 6770

So I installed my XFX Amd Radeon HD 6770 and all I get is "no signal" on my monitor and my TV.
I tryed to disable the onboard graphics using the Award BIOS screen but it only gives me a choice of what port to load first and when I choose "PCI" and restart the PC I still get "no signal" i also disabled it in device manager in windows, another option I changed in the BIOS is the intergrated GPU the two options where "on" and "on only when there isn't another GPU" i chose the second one.
The PSU is high enough wattage, the 6 pin connector is fine and the GFX card is fitted fine.
please help me find and fix the problem so I can play some games.
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  1. I'm using a standard VGA to a VGA - DVI-I adapter
  2. My monitor just VGA but my TV; VGA, HDMI R/G/B
  3. I can't do this, the HDMI on the GFX card is a mini-HDMI and I do not have a cable/adapter to fit this.
  4. Quote:
    Do you have a DVI>HDMI converter?

    No I didn't know you could get DVI - Mini-HDMI
  5. I will look for it, meanwhile I will reset my CMOS just to see if it fixes anything
  6. Couldn't find the adapter and clearing the CMOS didn't work either... I'm coming to think it's defective.
  7. Cleared CMOS didn't do anything, but windows is picking it up, I installed the drivers.
    I think my VGA adapter may be defective, so I'm going to pick another...

    Anyone else got any ideas?
  8. I would thought a graphics card like that would use PCI Express which is the PEG setting in the CMOS.

    Mine was. XFX HD6950 .
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