Looking for reliable and cheap Wlan router. Any recommendations?

I am getting 10M/10M connection at end of august and I am looking for cheap but reliable Wlan router. Especially cable connections need to be as reliable as possible.

Current use:
-Wlan range requirement is very small. 10 meters is plenty.
-Windows 7 Desktop connected with cable.
-Xbox360 slim with cable but I might change it to Wlan.
-Old laptop with b/g wireless currently running Ubuntu. It might chance to some other Linux distro at whim or to Windows XP.

-I will have option to upgrade net to 100M/10M.
-I might be buying some sort of Android device that would use Wlan.
-I don't want to pay a lot for preparing for something I don't have. I am looking for cheap after all.

I live in Finland but I got couple months of time so I can buy it elsewhere as long as shipping isn't too expensive.

Any recommendations for cheap and reliable?
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  1. do you have budget?

    any websites you want to order from?
  2. Emerald said:
    do you have budget?

    any websites you want to order from?

    No real budget but I guess if it is over 50€ I would need some really good reasons why it is worth that. I am not really looking for complicated or powerful device.

    Any website works as long as it is reliable and ships to Finland with reasonable expense. Of course I will also look if I can buy it from Finland for similar price so all recommendations are welcome. I am mostly looking for model but places to shop are welcome as well since it is hard to find cheapest deals outside Finland.
  3. D-Link DIR-655, Netgear WNR3500L, Linksys E2000
  4. Emerald said:
    D-Link DIR-655, Netgear WNR3500L, Linksys E2000

    Thanks. I looked those and have a question.

    All those are "Gigabit routers" What does that actually mean?

    I have currently no reason to move data directly from one computer to another so my need is only at max what 100/10M net connection can deliver. Is gigabit somehow useful for me or can I do just as well without?
  5. I have the Linksys WRT-310n (very similar to the E2000), and it works great. Most reliable router I have had in several years.
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