Geforce 210 takes over my video cards

Hi Everyone, I bought a new 210 card. Installed it. It has VGA and DVI. Works fine. But I want 3 monitors. The issue is that it seems to have turned off the onboard VGA and DVI outputs. Is there a way to re-enable these? Thanks
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  1. To run three monitors at any decent resolutions you will need a newer high end video card and your system will need a a 750 watt power supply to drive the card.
  2. Installing a discrete graphic card automatically turns off the onboard graphics. You'll need to add in another graphic card to get the 3rd monitor up and running.

    There are Radeon graphic cards that can handle 3 monitors with Eyefinity technology, but the value oriented cards do not support them. Eyefinity support basically starts with their more mainstream graphic cards like the HD 6770, but the description must state "Eyefinity" since not all of them will support it.

    For example, the following HIS Radeon HD 6770 ($115) supports "Eyefinity".

    But the following Asus Radeon HD 6770 ($100) does not support "Eyefinity".

    Eyefinity requires that you use the DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort or DVI / DVI / DisplayPort connections. VGA is not supported. If your monitor does not support DisplayPort, then you need to buy an Active DisplayPort Adapter like the following for $34.

    nVidia currently only has one graphic card that can support 3 monitors; the high-end nVidia GTX 680. Therefore, you will need to either replace the GeForce 210 with a Radeon HD 6770 that supports Eyefinity and probably buy a DisplayPort Adapter if one of your monitors does not have DisplayPort. Or you can buy another graphic card to complement the GeForce GT 210.

    If your motherboard only has one PCI-e 16x slot, then you need to buy a graphic card that uses the much older PCI interface. Unfortunately, these cards are rather expensive because very few are produced. PCI video cards basically died off back in 1996 when the AGP port was released.

    Both video cards should support the same DirectX version for best compatibility. The GT 210 is a DirectX 10 card. The following GeForece 8400 ($80) is the least expensive PCI card that supports DX10; at least on Newegg's site.
  3. Yup if you put a card in the peg slot it is an either or option not a both.

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