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So, guys... GTX 680 or 7970?



ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCUII



I'm coming from a bad experience regarding a very problematic HD 5870 from sapphire and leaning towards the gtx 680, I seriously hate those god damn
stupid slow laggy ass
drivers from ATi...

What's your take on it?
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  1. Well which games do you play? Anyway the 7970 is in stock and is a little cheaper than the GTX 680 at this time. I would say go with the 7970 and stick with a reference cooler. I am currently sporting a SLI GTX 680, runs fabulous but the drivers are just not there yet.
  2. Assuming they all have the same price except for the DCII is 10€ cheaper. Also my PSU is 650W.

    I occasionally play Metro, Crysis and things like that, I anticipate I'll playing a lot of GW2 also. Everything at 1920*1080.
  3. As long as you don't play on xfiring - the 7970 is a good GPU for it's money.

    If you really want to wait for supplies to catch up the 680 is a beast.

    I'm currently rocking the 7950 and it's been problem free.
  4. Well they guaranteed that they could have the gtx 680 in 15 days or less, it's not like I can't wait, but if they all costed the same money the GTX 680 would have the best performance and wattage for the money, right?
  5. xympa said:
    Well they guaranteed that they could have the gtx 680 in 15 days or less, it's not like I can't wait, but if they all costed the same money the GTX 680 would have the best performance and wattage for the money, right?

    The 680 does better in gaming than th 7970. If you can wait...might as well.
  6. For the games you play, and resolution, you may find a HD7950 is all you need. Check benchmarks, and consider how good even the latest games look even if every possible setting isn't pegged on "SuperMaximumUltraYowza." Coming from a HD5870, you may find a HD7850 or HD7870 sufficient.
  7. Well, I chose a 680, solely because i'll be doing 3D Vision. If I had to choose for just the card itself, its still a pretty close call, it all comes down to how far of an overclock you can achieve.
  8. joshernater9 said: all comes down to how far of an overclock you can achieve.

    With a $500 budget, overclocking should be a virtually insignificant consideration when choosing a graphics card. It becomes relevant only if you're on an extremely tight budget and will need to get every last FPS out of what you can afford.
    Edit: but do consider the "value adds" that nVidia and AMD provide, such as 3D and/or Eyefinity and/or PhysX, if any of those are relevant to you.
  9. 3D? No interest whatsoever.
    Eyefinity? Perhaps in the future but now right now.

    By physx you mean gpu accelerated physx right? It was my understanding that even if you didn't have an nvidia card the physx load would be transferred to the cpu, perhaps I was wrong...

    If physx is nvidia card ONLY than that would be a definite plus. I also like the fact that the gtx is less noisy and more importantly, less power hungry, electricity is pretty expensive here in Portugal :D

    Would I be able to SLI 2 gtx 680s with a 650W psu? Cause I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do so with those 7970s...
  10. Yes, I meant GPU-accelerated PhysX. Few games use it, but the effects are usually pretty decent in those that do. Without a nVidia GPU, PhysX has to be done on the CPU, and many effects will be omitted as they are more demanding than the CPU can comfortably handle.
    Amount of noise is dependent on cooler used, which is determined by the manufacturer, not AMD or nVidia.
    As to power, the newer AMD cards use less power at idle, where your PC will actually spend most of its time.
    Consider those power costs then check benchmarks; it sounds like a single HD7850 or HD7870 would be your wisest choice.
  11. Setting the PhysX at Auto is best. And if you really want to choose, it's best to choose GPU, the GPU handles physx (floating points are less difficult for a GPU if i'm correct) way better than the CPU.
    Plus AMD has HAVOK and physics games almost the same way.

    But at that resolution, no bigger card than a 7850/7870 would absolutely be overkill.
    Buy one of these and do Crossfire in the future.

    But if you're going with a higher resolution in the future a GTX680 is worth the wait.

    And no a 650Watt PSU is not enough power for two of these cards
  12. Sorry, it would be just about enough, but it would be on the edge, especially if its not a high quality PSU.
  13. It's a corsair TX650W, but yeah, it would be really on the edge, to the people saying that it's overkill, well it happens that I just got a refund on my RMA of my old 5870, so I'm basically paying 140€ for a GTX 680 or a 7970, and I wanted to know between those which would be the best choice, right now I'm more inclined towards the nvidia due to the problematic experience with that 5870, and the fact that it seems to come out on top most of the time, and it has a serious FPS advantage on BF3 against the 7970, which is a game that I will be playing a lot.
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    I'd say go with GTX 680, especially if you're getting them for same price. It's better and faster.

    @Skrendie, Havok is not AMD exclusive. It's open source physics engine that everyone can use, and has little to do with PhysX, as it's totally different technology.
  15. Both are equally as awesome, at the end of the day who cares about price differences of a few measly £££s if you're spending hundreds?

    Go with what performs best in the games you want to play! I'd be happy with two of either cards in my system.
  16. Neither get the 7950 if you overclock.You can beat a gtx 680 easy with an overclocked 7950 and imo there is absolutley no reason to get a 7970 over a 7950.
  17. PNY GTX 680 has life-time warranty apparently...
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