IE-10 strange behavior

I recently installed IE-10.
All seems to work well at every web site, including Tom's.
With one exception....
Entering Tom's all looks good, but the rotating busy circle in the tab keeps running for perhaps 20 seconds.
I can click on links while this is happening, and there otherwise seems to be no problem.
I do not see this on any other site.

Looking at the task manager cpu performance tab, I see perhaps 7% cpu busy from a 3570K@4.3

What is going on?
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  1. This is the first incidence report of this occuring, so I'll pass it along to the devs to look into. Is anyone else reporting the same type of issue out there with IE10?

  2. It appears that the activity is related to the initial home page.
    I suspect that the web site is trying to repeatedly do some tracking that has been turned off by default in IE 10.
    I want to keep tracking turned off mainly to improve performance with the web site. Turning off tracking has been a major improvement in ie-9
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