7770 vs 6850

I assume you got this question a million times but I can't find the answer myself. So the two cards are available to me at the same price, both from Sapphire. I play at 1680:1050 resolution and I still wonder which card is better for me. I also think of getting the Corsair CX430w PSU, but I am not sure if it can go well with the 6850. If I could OC any of them would be nice.
Thank you in advance. Cheers!
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  1. What about the PSU? Will I be able to OC it?
  2. core i3 2100
    2x 4gb 1333 Corsair RAM
    500gb Sata2 HDD
  3. Well yea. Of course, OC the GPU.
  4. Thank you. Are there tutorials on how to get the best of it?
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