AMD FX-8120 idle temp way too high?

Hi guys,

I am currently running a FX-8120 8-core CPU in a ASUS M578L-USB3 mother board.

I installed it yesterday and cleared BIOS and was running at 53*C IDLE with stock speeds!.

After inspection the V-CORE was was at 1.48v even when set to auto so after googling and disabling
things in BIOS V-CORE I got it to 1.21v but temps were at 48*C.

I reseated the Cooling fan with new contact grease and now temp is at 41*C.

Is 41*C too hot for idle?, BTW my temp when playing games it up to 50*C
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  1. I think 50*c is great temp...

    but for sure, dl prime95 and do stress testing while keep watch of the temp..

    How the temp at stress testing...
  2. What CPU cooler are you using? And what are your ambient temperatures? If you are using the stock AMD cooler, I would generally find these temperatures to be VERY acceptable. The FX-81XX chips are very power hungry with a lot of stuff under the hood; they'll surely run a bit hotter than what we're used to from the Phenom II's :)
  3. im using a 1100 T cooler and seemed to help
  4. Get a good CPU Cooler id advice a Cooler master evo 212 ;-]
  5. average temp for multi core cpus' is around 41-45c.
  6. idle now @3.6 GHZ is 38-40

    under gaming load is 49-50

    voltage at @ 1.275
  7. That's much better :)
  8. i have the same motherbord and cpuinstalled ram 16 giga amd performance 1600mhz
    hard dis 2 tera video card nvidea 2 giga and with 7 fans and coolermaster case the temp idle on economy energy is 35
    if i set normal settings if i go only pla a few games on facebook the temp rises by 70 degrees i think there must be a problem with the stock coolers of amd or the mother bord from assus 1 14cm front 2 x12 cm hight flow on the upside of the case one on the botom and one x 12cm and one on the side also a 12 cm so i think there a problem with the gestion of the cpu with these motherboard we are not the only ones that have tha problem
  9. FX-8120 8-core CPU in a ASUS M578L-USB3 mother board
  10. FX-8120 running 4.0GHZ at 1.1325 at 54c on stock cooler.. running prime95 for hours now. just fine. evo212 hyper comes in tomorrow...
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