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my gas heater in my house malfunctioned on me and the temperature in my computer room was about 15c , it happened at night so my pc had been off for several hours , what i want to know is how cold ocz thermal paste (or any/most pastes) can get before it is ruined. will it become brittle at those temps (13-15c) and break the seal between the heat sync and cpu? i know that if its running now without issue then im probably fine and that obviously i can determine myself weather or not the system was damaged, i was more curious than anything about how cold temps will effect the paste , i know that most pc components like the same ambient temps as human s as a rule of thumb and to me 15c felt cold and also all the metal components on the other motherboards and drives i have laying around were cold to the touch, but i booted my pc up anyway lol, did i shock the paste by heating it too rapidly? was apx. 15c too cold, when does cold start to damage the paste?
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  1. Thats a good question.But it seems you Cpu is fine.Just run a few benchmarks and watch the temps to see if they are the same as before the accident.They probably can take negative temperatures otherwise on russia for example they could have computers ;) I search a bit but couldnt find any reference of minimum temperatures,sorry.
  2. Found something :

    "... can keep stable performance between -55~300℃. High heat dissipation performance..."

    Its not Ocz's but shows that it can withstand very high and low temps with loosing effeciency.
  3. All paste should be perfectly fine even at those temperatures.
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