Monitor Flickering on Startup/Wake up

When I start my computer, the monitor flickers rapidly for 15-20 seconds then runs fine. The same thing usually happens when the computer wakes up after a couple hours of idling. I've tightened all of the connections, but it hasn't made any difference. My video card is less than 6 months old and had run without this problem for ~3 months. The flickering started about 6 weeks ago and never occurs once the computer passes that initial period of flickering. Thanks.

CPU-AMD 720 X3 Black not overclocked
MB-Biostar TA 790 GX 128M
Video-HIS 6850 1GB; PCI 2.1
Memory-4GB G.Skill Memory
Drive 1-WDC 640 GB
Drive 2-Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB
DVD-Pioneer DVD
Monitor- Samsung 2232
OS-Windows 7 Home Premium
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    Do you have a spare screen to try out? If you do - try another screen. If the other screen does the exact same thing it might be your video card. If it doesn't do the same thing, your LCD screen might be on its way out.
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  3. S - I have had the exact same problem and it is getting worse. What was the ultimate resolution to your problem?? The one responder provider two options but nothing definitive.

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