Do they make a wireless router that connects wireless via the WAN

I live in apt complex where the wireless Internet is built into the price. I want to connect a router to the wireless via the WAN port and then have my computers on a separate LAN than the rest of the apartment complex. Do they make a router that will take wireless in and out?
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  1. The issue with this is that you will not be able to connect to the WAN (the Internet) if you do that. You can put on a wifi extender but you will still be on the same IP range and settings as the rest of the computers.

    You can't take a router, and configure it for your own settings and connect to the internet through a second router. Remember that the router will give out a NATed IP range to the internal network, which is what your router will pick up on it's WAN port, not the ISP settings.
  2. Quote:
    Do they make a router that will take wireless in and out?

    No, routers only come with one wifi controller.

    one thing I can think of is to use a router and use it in AP Client mode

    and then connect another router to it.

    the other thing would be to use a router that can be upgraded with DD-WRT firmware, program the wireless lan port via Virtual LAN to become a WAN port; however, this will still only give you LAN ports to connect to and no wifi.
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