GPU Memory came down after install new memory module

Hi, recently i have changed my memory module. I used 2GB before. But Now i am using 8GB in first 2 slots. Other 2 slots are open.

My problem is, when i used 2GB memory the GPU memory showed 1700 MB. I see this by DXDIAG. But today i installed (2x4GB = 8GB) in my 1st two slots. I removed 2 GB memory module from the slot.

Now the problem is, after installed the memory GPU shows 750 MB by DXDIAG.

What is the main problem for that ?

or, this is noo a problem ?

My pc configuration:

core i5 760 processor, GA-P55-USB3 Mobo, ATI Sapphire 5770 HD DDR5 1GB GPU, 750 thermaltech PSU, 2x4GB = 8GB Transcend DDR3 1333 MHz regular memory module (no overclocking), HAF 932 casing, Hitachi 500GB HDD, Windows-7 Ultimate x64 bit.

I don't understand the actual problem, or this is not a problem.

Can any one have the suggestion, please ?
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  1. Your GPU has 1GB of physical memory, it's right there in your system specs. I don't know exactly what you're seeing in DXDiag, but it's completely wrong, maybe it's system memory in use that you're seeing?
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